On the importance of blocking

I started this scarf on a road trip around the South Island of New Zealand with my parents and brother this Christmas.  Though I was doing most of the driving, I knew there would be quite a bit of quiet downtime and wanted to bring a bright, colourful project along with me that was also portable.

I finished the crocheting a few weeks ago but took ages to sew in the ends and block it.  This was the first time I've blocked something and am really delighted with how professional the results look.  My trusty iron and ironing board, an old towel (not sure why I couldn't use a good one - or if I should but it was a case of better safe than sorry), sewing pins and a spray bottle.  The image below is the pre-blocked scarf.  Really quite wobby and the final three images are my rather professional looking end product!

Really rather delighted with my success and safely delivered to its new owner (even though its still summer here in New Zealand!).


  1. You make me want to take up crocheting :)


    1. Happy to make one for you! :) Just let me know the colours! Easiest birthday pressie ever!

  2. Hello Ms Crafty Mermaid, apologies for being out of touch for some time, although I have kept up with the happenings on your blog. This is a beautiful scarf, and I hope you had a wonderful time with your family at Christmas.

  3. No need to apologise - life gets busy! Thanks for stopping by and your comment is much appreciated


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