Life's a beach

New card makes.  Mostly using up stickers from a set.  Most of these are a little more prescriptive than I would like.  However, I did get to break into the supplies sent by my wonderful Brazilian swap partner for the black border and paper above.

This is one of my favourite cards from this set.  A make with the makee especially in mind.  The hunting image is from an old magazine and I've added an old playing card and some out of date maps as well as a sticker from my Brazilian swap partner.   (Thank you again!)

I had a set of rubon embellishments which I used up over the next series of cards.  I think they work quite well over images from an old (and already partially destroyed) book and an addition of some washi tape for colour.

I like how this one turned out - the scrapbook paper I think worked well with the golf swing of the rubon.

These last two are my favourite.  I made them to give them both to someone in particular to add to her card stash.  The picture is a photograph of mine and I just chopped it in two.  I still have quite a few aperture cards left from a purchase a good few years ago when a stationary shop was going out of business but I'm very carful about using them!

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