Christmas cards 2011 Round 1

I finished up some of the supplies I bought last year for my Christmas cards in Ireland. We've had the house pulled apart and put back together a lot this month as we've had our plumbing system replaced (yes, as painful as it sounds but it was necessary!). Luckily I had some of these cutouts left over from last year and access to my wider stash. The sleigh is slightly out from the card due to foam pads.

This embossed embellishment was from an old Marks and Spencer Calendar. I love the paper. Tracing paper in the background and a metallic card set.

Love this paper and I think the red really pops.

This card was made with a particular friend in mind. She was very disappointed when she lived in Ireland not to have strawberries for her birthday - I now know what she means - yum! Strawberries in December :)

I love the 3D effect of this card and the muted tones are quite nice for it too.

This card is for my grandmother. Luckily a bulk purchase of embossed cutout cards a few years ago is holding me in good stead for my cross stitch cards. Though as I couldn't find everything I ran through a few more of them this year than I normally would for more 'normal' cards (in other words, ones that don't take me hours and hours to make!).

The final card in this set uses half a set of earrings - I didn't get a great picture of the Christmas tree. Ah well :)
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  1. Your cards look gorgeous!! Have a wonderful Christmas, lots of love,
    Helen xx

  2. Wow love your cards, hope your all set for Christmas. Would you believe my little cat Suki returned after disappearing for almost a week when she was ill. We had her at vets and she is still out of sorts. But at least she is alive :)

    All things nice...


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