More thank you cards

I really try to recycle when I can and these cards reuse a card sent to me (no. 1) and part of one of my mother's wedding cards (she was tidying out the attic and I had to nab it before it went into the recycle bin).  I've tried really hard to work from stash for this lot of cards.  I spent ages in work on Tuesday uploading them from Picassa - hence the groups of four mainly.  I'm working from mobile broadband at home for the last few months and its so slow I hesitate to even bother downloading my photos from my camera. Ah well.  I got a lot uploaded on Tuesday and will spend the next little while going through them and adding some text!  I really love how the robot turned out!


  1. I love the robot one too. Cards for boys are the most difficult for me to make. This one works really well.
    Helen x


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