Some photos from my visit to the Dali Museum all the way back in June.  It was strange to see what caught my eye on the day.  I'm not a fan of Dali in general and wasn't particularly moved or excited by most of the stuff in the museum.  The building was fun and I liked some of the ideas - viewing the face through a frame and the skull on the bottle.  But it wasn't setting my world on fire - that is until I got to the jewellery section!  Stunning, amazing, intricate, surprizing, I could go on.  Unfortunately that part of the museum was fairly dark so not pix to expound upon.  The picture above of the heart shows one of the coolest pieces - the centre moved by contracting and expanding simulating a heart beat.  It was breath taking.


  1. Thank you for sharing your pictures of the Dali Museum - a place I've never visited. It looks really interesting - I find Dali fascinating but creepy! The heart sounds amazing..
    Have a great weekend.
    Helen x


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