lovely new wool

On my (not so) recent trip to Auckland, I fell deeply and madly for some baby merino wool in gray and blue.  Lovely soft colours and lovely soft wool.  When I got home I started a cushion cover - thinking comfy and soft.  Unfortunately my tension is so tight that its like 'the cloth monk's wear' as one of my friends put it! :(

Ah well its a wavy pattern and I still love the soft colours!

Apologies for my absence recently, we've been house hunting - which not only involves looking at houses but also getting BM's house in order in case we find another house we like and have to sell his!  So we've been clearing the gutters, spraying lichen, etc. etc. etc.  It also happens to be my really busy period in work (and coincides with BM's manic time too) so not much time or energy for creating or blogging. 

We've seen a house we like and are going to see it again this week - hopefully bringing two friends of ours in tow to get an unbiased opinion.  Its a little far from work but I get a good feeling about the place and it has lovely, lovely views.


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