Banana Bread - The Bake Off

This is the banana bread bake off. 
Problem: not eating enough bananas during the week
Solution: try to fix the banana bread recipe
Opponents: Edmonds cookbook and the recipe that came with my silicon tray (I've been having problems getting this one right - way too moist and doesn't rise nearly enough)

Beauty: Edmonds wins here hands down - a lot taller and less apologetic! Even after the suggestions waltzing.matilda made on my last post (extra baking powder and longer cooking time by about thirty minutes).

  Hmmm... not much better from this angle either.

On the plate: the extras in the smaller banana bread make it taste a lot nice to me but it still looks like it suffers from stunted growth issues.  Must try harder the next time.  BM prefer the Edmonds one too.


  1. as long as it tastes good i really dont mind a stunted growth of a bread, am that greedy ;)


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