Banana Bread

I'm sitting in my office/craft room (that '/' sounds like a 'slash' in my head in case you wondered how to pronounce it!) fantasizing about banana bread waiting for dinner to cook.  Thankfully I'm not cooking dinner and BM is slaving away making pasta.

Yummy homemade fresh pasta.  Though it still has a while to go before I can hungrily consume it so I'm thinking strange thoughts about the banana bread I made last night.  I don't seem to have perfected the recipe yet. It took nine minutes longer than suggested to bake, didn't really rise and was still a bit more doughy than expected in the middle.  I'm not saying it wasn't tasty though (which is why I haven't a picture of the whole pan!).  Any suggestions as to where I might be going wrong?

The humble ingredients

The combined ingredients in the baking tray

The finished loaf
A slice of life


  1. Maybe too much nana's. Also, start with your eggs at room temp, and try adding a bit of baking powder, always works for me.


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