Food Gardening Part 1

I behaved like a very responsible vegetable gardener today.  I went out and purchased a new pot to repot some root bound mint (and let it roam a bit freer), I also potted an aloe vera plant that was languishing on my window sill for a few weeks and planted some basil and parsley from the supermarket.  Fingers crossed it all goes according to plan and I have access to a vibrant and healthy herb garden for the summer.  I have a mental block usually when it comes to gardening but for some reason, growing and eating something makes it a hell of a lot more interesting.  I planted seven tomato plants last weekend and they seem to have taken to their new home and once I get a bit of light tomorrow, I'll photograph and share them in all their healthy glory.

I'm hoping the move outdoors will do wonders for my poor deprived and ignored aloe vera plant. I love that New Zealand is suitable for the outdoor planting of this little mite and hopefully it will lose its insipid colouring and gain a healthy glow like its brothers and sister still on my window sill.  I was generously given this plant by someone on the freecycle list for Wellington who had too many 'baby' plants and as I had been looking in garden centres and weekend markets for a while - I got very very excited and took five!


  1. wow... pics tempt me to plant some myself :)



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