Birthday Goodies

My aunt sent me an exceeding large parcel for my birthday.  I was able to collect it on Saturday morning and managed to wait to open it over a cup of tea.  I didn't (as the pictures show) manage to not start into it before I took the photographs.  It was a lovely, lovely present and the large red box in the background contained a helium balloon which is currently gracing the back of one of the chairs in the kitchen.  I couldn't figure out what the large red box contained when I picked it up as it was SO SO light and I squealed with pleasure when the balloon rose out of the box.  I couldn't wait to show BM but unfortunately he had choosen that moment to come out of the shower and was standing behind me.  Ah well!  The food goodies were all contained in a bright red colander and I'm sure I'll think of my aunt every time I'll use it! :)


  1. That was so thoughtful of your aunt. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and many more to come.

    All things nice...


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