Baking Goodies

It was my birthday last Friday and I had a really lovely lovely day - in fact due to my relations in the Northern Hemisphere and some friends in the US, it went on for two days!  The tradition in New Zealand is to bring in cake for your office mates for your birthday.  I had planned on leaving work at a reasonable hour and getting home in time to buy baking trays and bake.  The best laid plans and all that...  I got home about two hours later than expected; partly due to work and partly due to just missing my train by two minutes and having to wait for the next one :(

I did manage to buy the baking trays but unfortunately didn't have enough time to bake that night or the next morning so had to buy the cake (iced banana cake, in case you wondered).  I bought silicon bun cases so I don't have to keep wasting the paper ones (and they were 30% off) and a silicon cake tin (is it still a tin??) and a metal cake tin where the end can be released.

The cake was a great success in work.  It seems to have collected in its mist and then feed a small army.  So for next year, I'll have the equipment and hopefully have perfected the recipe!


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