Feathery Mabel

I haven't been the best on actually posting about my makes this year (or last for that matter).  I really do appreciate this blog as a record of what I've made.  I've still been making and for the most part have photographed the makes so hopefully I'll manage to catch up on posting them - even if it is rather late!

The Colette Mabel is a bit of a Tried and Tested (TnT in sewing blogger parlance) pattern for me.  However, this is the first Mabel I've made since my pregnancy and its still a good fit (Thankfully!).

The fabric is my first use of a scuba knit.  I love the print and brought the fabric in Mood in LA last year.  There's a nice stretch and no fear of it being see through!  The colours are beautifully vibrant.  Not quite sure what to make of scuba knit fabric in general.  Doubt I'll be making many more things in it though as its a fun fabric to sew, it really isn't breathable.  But it does make a nice, bright warm skirt.

I finished the main bit of sewing up quickly - its a quick make.  But spent ages deciding on how to hem.  I asked the ever helpful sewists of the Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network for advice.  As its scuba, I could have left the hem unfinished but I wasn't that keen on the look.

I did have a secret weapon up my sleeve - a new (to me) Coverstitch machine.  But I was a little trepidatious about using it as I keep getting skipped stitches and have to rip them all out again.

I bought the coverstitch machine from the lovely Emma of Emma's Atelier earlier in the year (phew - only a few more hours to actually say that).  She upgraded to a very fancy new machine.  I haven't really managed to get on top of the stitching since - just too many skipped stitches.  The next thing I need to try is different needles to see if that makes a difference.  After that, its off to get serviced.  Though (not so) secretly, I'm really keen on saving up and getting the Janome CoverPro instead.

I used Wendy's (of Sew Biased) tip to use a stretch fabric with more recovery a little sized down for the inside of the waist band.  I didn't use a stretchy enough fabric or size down enough as the fabric relaxes a little too much during my day's wear.  But I'm not in danger of slippage (phew!) - I just wouldn't wear two days running.

Such a pity I'm not on top of the coverstitch machine as it really gives a lovely finish.

All in all: a nice addition to my wardrobe but I really need more tops instead!


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