Buttons, stars and the wairarapa

I spent a rather relaxing special night in the white swan in grey town in the wairarapa last night. Christ on a bike, was it ever needed. The last few weeks have been intense. 

The white swan is a boutique hotel where the main rooms are themed. We stayed in the George suite (thank you grab one voucher - which also included a yummy dinner for two).

A rather grand three room suite (I'm sure you're not supposed to count the bathroom but I am!)

Very luxurious ;)

Greytown is a cute town. We wandered around the various gift, antiques and clothes shops.  Such lovely things :)

Cute, no?

I loved the 3d effect of these doodles. The art shop there is just lovely. There's usually great books and supplies. I was rather hard pressed to leave without a new set of markers I don't need! 

I rather adore these light fittings. They'd look great in our kitchen over the island (yup, the one we don't have but it's planned - so I regretfully left these behind too!)

This was a stunning military champaign chest which opened up into a desk - only the bottom drawer was real. So beautifully made. For $1000 not an impulse purchase. Would be great as a work desk in my sewing room but there's far too much to do to that room before I can even think of what furniture goes in there! Let alone the price of the piece!

On to Stonehenge aotearoa today - and as tonight is matariki it was very apt!  I didn't know what to expect. But it was wonderful. Richard have us a really informative and engaging tour, covering Maori, Celtic, Greek and other legends involving the stars, navigation and religion!  Turns out I'm a Virgo not a libra! Really worth a visit if you're keen on astronomy. 

Had a quick wander about featherston on the way home and found the mother load of 35c buttons in Jim's collectables. 

Love it. I came home with 50 of them ;)

All in all a lovely weekend. 


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