the blanket that wasn't

I've been making this blanket cushion for ages (already started here and from yarn that didn't make it into here).  Started as a blanket but rapidly realised I wouldn't have enough to finish using up the yarn I had (four full 200g balls) due to the stitch (single crochet) and the hook size (3.5mm).  Ah well.  Makes a nice cushion.  I originally started it for the cats but a friend of mine was horrified that I'd make it for them and asked (very nicely) for it instead.  Still hasn't been delivered, mind!

Due to its unusual shape, I sewed an inner in some stash fabric and added buttons to hold it closed.
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  1. I think it's a lovley cushion! Very pretty and I love the inner fabric too!

    *waves hello* from one Irish blogger to the next, (even if you are a bazillion miles away!) Hazel x

  2. Very nice! I like how you used the buttons on the sides.


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