Cushions galore

I've had to wait a while to post these as they were winging their way back to Ireland for a birthday present.  I made four cushions (yes, there is five photos but I'm very excited about my zip work!) from ikea fabric and posted these to the Emerald Isle.  I love how the red cushion with the buttons turned out.

Yes, my friends, that is indeed an invisble zip - without, I might add modestly, an invisble zipper foot!  Woohoo for youtube videos.  This is the second red cushion - just plain red and square.

The other cushions were a mix of cream, beige and navy and I really love the patterns.  I used an invisible zip and a regular zip.  The invisible zip ain't so invisible unfortunately (my first try and before the googling, youtube victory above).

Was very tempted to keep these (and as I've had this fabric for a year and a half, it was almost at home!).  But my better nature played a huge part - that and a need to think of another present if I held on to these :)

So happy birthday you wonderful woman - I hope you like these and they suit the room.  Sorry I can't be there to celebrate - but the days are counting down (from a high number!).  Thinking of you and sending happy, healthy and sunny thoughts.
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  1. They have arrived and are looking wonderful in situ. So glad you did not decide to keep them, they are perfect in our seomra suite. Thinking of you every time . Beautifully made. Maith an cailín x

  2. I also saw these cushions they are really fab you are some kid they look brilliant in the sitting room!
    Well done you and me fav sister loves them


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