flowers, Christmas preparations and fabric

I love having flowers around the house and I'm developing a great love for peonies.  Though not the ability to photograph them!  Ah well, this way I get to post more photos :)

I've also got a Christmas Stocking project still on the go - yes it is the 2nd of Jan.  But I'm sure I'll finish it for next year.  The fabric below is a recent purchase in Taupo to potentially grace the top of my stockings.

And finally, I thought I'd share my Christmas decorations - yup a severely height disadvantaged Christmas tree. But there's only so much decorating you can do for Christmas in the summer. I think I'll follow a mid winter Christmas tradition this coming year and properly decorate the house in July - when its not shining outside!

*(and yes, Ms SJ, that is your shiny gold box underneath - used for storing Christmas decorations and then brightening up my tree!)


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