I spent a few days by myself in Shanghai just at the end of December. I had a great time and spent most of it wandering around the place randomly. I booked a cycle tour of the city - it was a blast! The traffic was crazy toons so I was delighted that I didn't venture out on the roads by myself. My photos aren't great but I really wanted to post something of my trip! I could have sworn that I took more photos of the sights! There was some magical moments; watching people practise Tai Chi in the park, go through the Bund fabric market and not get completely lost by pointing at the hotel name in Chinese! The third photo was so cute - a young couple taking a photo outside of H&M. :)

I stayed in a very cute hotel called the Old House Inn.  Lovely old chinese furniture and really friendly staff.  Took a bit of  trouble actually getting there as the taxi from the airport tried to drop me off at the wrong hotel (one relatively near nonetheless!).  I could have sworn that I took photos of the hotel (but again, can't find them!).

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  1. maybe u shud have names that first pic as "shanghai night" ;)
    awesome pics... yep do post more pics of that trip..


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