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Seriously cute stickers from monsoon.  I snapped them up in the airport in Amsterdam on the way to Egypt.

Supposedly 'pure' essential oil.  I realised after I bought them in Egypt that they were heavily watered down with oil (should that be oiled down).  Rather annoying as our tour guide brought us there and then the guy in the perfume factory lied barefacedly to us. :(  Paid what I thought was a fair price too (cheaper than at home but not seriously cheap).

Local wildlife on the River Suir in Clonmel.

I'm back in New Zealand four months now and in that time, we've bought a house, sold a house and moved.  We're in the new house about three weeks now and settling in nicely.  Work has gotten a bit manic but thankfully I'm a lot closer!  I love, love, love the house and really enjoy spending time here.  There's still a drier in the middle of the kitchen floor (until we get a venting kit and can mount it) but the rest of the house is looking suprisingly settled.  We still haven't hung many pictures yet but slowly, slowly - its a really enjoyable process. :)


  1. Oh congrats on the new home, would love to see some photos of it :) Hope all is well with you. Weather was lovely in Ireland the past few weeks

    All things nice...

  2. So good to have you back on line. we missed your blog.


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