I was in Kaikoura last week for work when Christchurch was hit by a massive and destructive earthquake.  Unfortunately, unlike the original earthquake and the Boxing Day aftershock, this aftershock caused chaos and a major loss of life - a death toll they're still counting.  

Kaikoura is a two and a half hour drive from Christchurch and BM's parents and close friends of mine live there.  BM's parents were outside of the affected area.  And fortunately my friends were uninjured apart from cuts and bruises but their houses were wrecked.  I've also found out that some of the workplaces have been red stickered (due for demolition).

I feel a silly and writing about crafty stuff when something so unimaginable is happening in the same country.  Hopefully some of what I make over the next while will be of some use. 

I've been sewing and crocheting for the Queensland Flooding effort from Sarah London's crochet a rainbow appeal and Monkeemoomoo's dolly drive.  And thankfully I just need to stitch in the ends on my granny squares and have already posted my softies for Monkeemoomoo.  The recent earthquake in Christchurch has made me think about people much, much closer to home.

I flew out of Christchurch airport on Thursday - two days after the earthquake and felt two aftershocks while I was in the airport.  The journey home was a very surreal experience. I was so far removed from the aftermath in Kaikoura and it just seemed so eerily normal in the suburbs close to the airport - just a few short kilometers from the ongoing rescue effort.

I keep hoping that the news will bring some miraclous recovery from a building but unfortunately they haven't rescued anyone for a few days now.  Needless to say, we're still thinking of Christchurch and hoping to find ways to help. 


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