Oophs I've done it again

Its been a really long since I posted (again).  Its been a hard year healthwise so I've been really behind the ball on a lot of things.  Thank God for time off over Christmas!  We lived in Melbourne for three months (fun and I miss the bubble tea on our doorstep!), came home and renovated our kitchen (should have been 5-6 weeks and turned into an epic 9) and stressful time in work.  But next year should be very different (for a few reasons!).  My computer didn't enjoy playing with me anymore and I'm finally back on top of a new laptop (iTunes installed as of today!).  So trying to work through my crafting backlog as I really appreciate this space as a location for sharing my makes.

A few relatively quick card makes using up some wooden embellishments.  I like how these turned out in the end.

I even repurposed one for Christmas :)

The paper was leftovers from some homemade envelope makes.  I'm going to try to run down my stored supplies a lot over the next year as I'll be losing my craft room (but for a lovely reason).

I love the variety and colour of these.  I definitely have to put a white sticker on the front of some of these or else the address won't be seen.  If I stick with my crafting plans, I may have to start thinking about selling them somehow (which either involves better photo taking or setting up a stall!).


  1. Hi dear, it must feel good to be back after a long break. I was away from blogland too, for a while. I'm trying to guess what the "lovely reason" might be!Have you thought of a shop on Etsy?
    Wish you a very Happy New Year.

    1. I don't think my photo taking skills are up to the task! But its such a lovely idea to actually fund my card making habit!


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