Inflatable food

One of the odd things I discovered when I moved to New Zealand was inflatable food. I hadn't seen it in Ireland and when I was living there.  Basically its freeze dried food and is designed to be taken on hikes/tramps/walks*.  Unfortunately many of these taste nasty!  But when my parents and brother were here for Christmas I had to get them to try 'dessert'.  Apricot crumble and apple pie - just add hot water and **poof** inflatable food.

'yummy' (and I use the term liberally!) apple pie in a pouch

This is the apricot crumble - equally appealing.

And the finished desserts - apple pie above and apricot crumble below.  Do not adjust your screen, that is the real colour of the 'crumble'.  For once my sweet loving family weren't bothered about finishing them!  Rather disappointing actually as some of the inflatable food - is actually edible!

* delete depending on your country :)
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