Christmas Cobar

Its a rainy, rainy, blustery Saturday morning in Middle Earth.  Autumn has set in and its getting colder in the evenings and harder to get out of bed. The cats were very glad to stay in the house today!  

But there are some bright spots!  I'm sitting under a quilt watching a recorded version of Graham Norton and smelling freshly baking bread from our 'new' (to us) bread making machine.  BM put on a batch to bake last night and we can delay the start to have the bread baked for breakfast!  I'm also rather excited about a sewing meet up tomorrow.  I've already put aside all the projects I want to work on tomorrow. Far too many - but God loves a trier!

I thought this morning I've start sorting out my Christmas pictures (in March! eek!).  Just before Christmas, my parents and brother arrived to visit.  My other brother and his wonderful girlfriend sent over vouchers for Cobar, a great restaurant in Eastbourne.  The day was stunning.  I can't believe its the same country :)

Eastbourne is a quaint seaside suburb of Wellington (although technically in Lower Hutt) and many of the residents commute by ferry to Wellington CBD.

I think my brother took this photo (they're all mixed up so I haven't a clue if I can claim the copyright or not!). But I loved the cuddling couple in the front.

And yes, the food was wonderful.  As we had a large enough party, most of the time all of the choices I would have made (yes, the menu is that good!) were on the table for me to sample...

While the mains and starters were tinglingly good, my dining companions weren't as good about waiting for me to photograph the desserts!

We had a really lovely evening and it was great to think my other brother was there in spirit!  I'm hoping he can come in person at some stage and we can mirror the experience and send my parents the photos! :)

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