Visiting a Marae (part 1)

I recently visited Ruatoria on the East Coast of New Zealand's North Island for work.  Well, I say work - but that might be stretching it! I stayed in a local Marae.  Myself and my workmate were very kindly hosted by Ngati Porou.  The locals and the other guests at the marae were all gearing up for the East Coast Traditional Food Festival so I was able to see the creation of a hangi.  That's a whole lotta meat!

I was also lucky enough to get a Rewena bread making lesson (unfortunately I didn't manage to get my head around it and I'll have to stick with Jamie Oliver until I figure out what I'm doing - I really learn by reading - eek!).

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  1. Cool, looks like a cute little place, Im rubbish at making bread, I wouldnt know where to start!

    All things nice...


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