I won, I won, I won

Ok, the title might be over stating it but I really did have a wonderful, tummy warming moment when I read All Things Nice's blog and I was given a blog award - my first! (Thank you!!)

So for those of you unfamiliar with how blog awards work (which was me until yesterday), basically its a pyramid scheme - one person awards ten blogs and so on listing them on their own site and also in this case listing 10 things that make them happy.

So on with the show...

10 things that make me happy...

1. Family (most of whom are recovering from snow, and frozen pipes this week)

2. Hanging out with friends

3. Fabric

4. Teacups (at the moment anyway)

7. Maps

10. Making stuff :)

And now for the less self indulgent bit - blogs that inspire me...

1. Attic24 - A serious blog crush, beautiful images and wonderful colours
2. Greedy for colour - I found this blog via Attic24's blog roll.  A kiwi mother's adventures in all things colourful
3. A mermaid's purse - some really wonderful fabric creations and some great illustrations
4. Miss Celie's Pants - she is a sewing machine! (and is taking a blog break if you can't see her blog at the moment)
5. Postsecret - if you haven't come across this you should.  Updated weekly with secrets people send in on postcards. It'll make you laugh or cry :)
6. Blog about Project Runway - a must if you watch the show
7. Bubbledust - another kiwi based blog with adventures in costume making and thrifting among others
8. Dottie Angel - on a one year challenge not to buy new and she's terribly creative!
9. Oh the Cuteness - an interesting and inspiring mix
10. Sarah London - a colourful crochet blog

And we're done :)


  1. You deserve that award and now when I get time I am going to have to check out all those blogs :)Enjoy your weekend

    All things nice...

  2. I love your choice of things that make you happy!
    xxx m


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