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I think I might have a new addiction - some sort of nesting issue.  The Country Living and Home magazines are getting mighty addictive and I think I can blame both the library and the Attic 24 blog.  Attic 24 is a great blog (I was about to say 'great little blog' but that sounds patronising as its great and not that little!).  Go over there and check it out if you haven't come across it.  Bright, clear, crisp beautiful colours.  Most of the designy websites I keep looking at seem to favour white and various shades of white but this one shows a beautifully colourful chaotic house that brings a sense of happiness into her photographs.

Anyways, enough of my blog crush! :)  I really liked three things in this particular issue - a blanket made from mohair scarves, tin can art and some Cath Kidson type cushion covers. Hope you don't mind me sharing.


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