How to block crochet

Until recently I didn't bother to block my crochet, but I really like the tidyness of how my blocked crochet looks - less homemade and more handmade.  So here's my process, laid out in all its simplistic glory!

1. Music
2. Ironing Board
3. Iron
4. Spray Bottle
5. Old Towel (to lay crochet on)
6. Thin Teatowel (to place on top of crochet between it and the iron)
7. Pins

Warning: unfortunately this only works for natural yarns :(

Step 1: Music - I like Imelda May for this!

Step 2: Put an old towel on your ironing board (just in case the colour runs and also one you don't need!)

Step 3: Pin the crochet to the ironing board and towel.

In this scarf I added a pin about every three repeats (or an inch an a half) - there's two pins in the image below - can you spot them?  Usually I add about three pins along the row.

Step 4: Spray liberally with water.

Step 5: Place tea towel over the crochet so you don't scorch it when you iron.  Usually there's drops of water coming through the top of the tea towel - but its not soaked.

Step 6: Iron over the pinned area.  I don't use the steam function here as the added water in step 5 does its magic.

Step 7: Unpin and pin any areas not yet ironed.  Repeat until crochet is completely ironed.  

As I said, I really like the look of how the finished crochet looks.  I get rid of the curly edges as in the image below.

You can also straighten the end - in this case I had to add more pins to keep the crochet straight.  The first picture here is before blocking and before adding the last three pins.  The next image is the blocked piece.  The end is nice and straight and doesn't curl at the side either!

End result: a neat pile of crochet.

The scarf is my go to pattern for some mindless crochet as can be seen here, here and here.

This was worked up in Vero yarn from spotlight at $3.50/50g ball on sale.  Its 70% wool and 30% soya bean protein!  Colour: 44.  And the wash instructions are cool hand wash at 30 degrees. Drycleanable.


  1. Fantastic! Thank you for sharing this as I'm always a bit dubious as to whether or not I'm blocking correctly! Actually I have to admit to not blocking much (naughty me) but I've had to with certain items... bunting triangles for example.
    Loving this scarf pattern too! I might have to give it a go... it's so pretty. Thank you also for leaving the lovely comment on my crochet cushion :)

    Happy Sunday to you xx


  2. Gosh that's sooooooh clever!!

  3. I have never blocked my crochet as I always thought it was difficult but your tutorial makes it seem so easy. Of course I was missing the main ingredient - Music... ha ha. Now I am sure my projects will look much better. Thanks once again.


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