Hokitika Gorge and Wild Foods 2012

A few weeks ago BM and I went to Hokitika for the Wild Foods Festival.  A culinary extravaganza involving huhu grubs, mountain oysters, and other delights.  BM has a very generous friend who is happy for her house to be taken over for one weekend a year by the culinarily adventurous.  We arrived down a day early and were able to visit the delightful Hokitika Gorge too.  The stunning water colour is a result of the glaciers at the head of the river.

Such a stunning colour - I'm very tempted to paint a room the same shade!  We were very lucky as on a less calm day the river looks silvery grey.

One of the fun things about walking in the 'bush' in New Zealand is the large number of swing bridges.  

They also expect you to use common sense a lot more than at home in Ireland!

Though the path wasn't that bad in this case.

And the widening of the river at the path's end was more than worth it.

Hokitika itself has a number of colonial buildings and a beautiful beach.

The wild foods festival is a little less refined.  But a lot of fun!

Unfortunately there's only so much eating you can do at any one time and the pies were sold out when we went back for afternoon tea!

I had some very strange imaginings of what colostrum was, so gave this stand a miss...  In hindsight, silly, silly, silly!

There was a stand from Fox Glacier too selling glacial slushies, but I didn't like the idea of chopping off bits of the glacier.

All in all, a lovely weekend.
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  1. Wow...how i would love to go there! yummy
    beautiful scenery x
    love jooles x


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