more fun with stickers

There's something about this card that really works! (I was going to say makes my heart sing - but that might be overstating it a bit!)  The sticker is on a metallic green background.  I've really been too mean about using some of my 'good' craft supplies in the past and now I'm making an effort to use them as they give me a lot of pleasure when I look at the photos.  That's the wonderful thing about blogging - the making of a record that is backed up (no stealing of these photos, thank you very much, mr robbers).

I really like this guy too - although there's not much input from me in the making of these cards. But if the stickers are as nice as these - why hide them?


  1. These are so cute. I know what you mean about hoarding "good" supplies. I finally let go of my hoarding tendencies when I realized that if I use my favorites I can just go buy more favorites!


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