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I haven't been in the most creative space recently. Partly due to the breakin and partly due to a lot of pressure at work. But I proudly present some cards that have been sitting on my camera for ages (thankfully or else the wonderful people who stole my laptop would be in proud possession of another batch of memories). I've been following a particular card making website over the last few months and its given me inspiration to create more complicated cards - I'm not sure if that should be complex or not! I really like the first card above, the sticker of the goat was purchased in Barcelona by mother for me. She was actually in the shop when it was robbed but didn't notice as she was too busy picking out lovely things for me (should I feel guilty??).  The background paper was from a box of Orla Kiely chocolates from Butlers.  I just couldn't throw it out!

I've been experimenting with different patterns on the same card. I really like how this one turned out. I bought a book of sticker sentiments a few years ago for a scrapbook for a friend which unfortunately I didn't even have time to start, let alone finish. But I'm finally getting to grips with using some of them on cards. I really like how this one turned out.

This last one is back to my more usual style. I've made a concerted effort recently to start using up my 'lovely' supplies. These mostly consist of stickers or embellishments that I bought in places that mean something to me or given to me by friends and family who know of my addiction! Thankfully for me, I've been able to offload some of the finished cards on my mother and aunt so that they can hand them out as needed too! :) Otherwise I might have to start thinking of more ingenious methods of card giving. The 'have a nice day card' for example!
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