Too-whit Too-woo

What do you call a collection of owls?  A parliament or a stare.  Strange, no?

Scraps for owl pieces

Pinned together

More scraps for extra fiddly bits

The stitched fronts

And a stare of owls.  Or does parliament sound better.





Don't ask about the names.  They just seemed right when I was writing the post.  Apart from the first owl I made ages ago, these are all baby friendly - no buttons or beads.  So I'm ready for the next influx of new borns :)  That might also be the end of my PJs.  I'm not sure how much fabric is actually left.


  1. Those owls are really really cute, I defiantly have to get myself a small sewing machine, I haven't sewed since home economics in school. How creative and they look so pretty

    All things nice...


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