Quilting with Dr Suess

Over the years I've purchased quite a bit of quilting fabric.  I think every new sewist does.  The prints are great.  But then I slowly realised that their not great for clothing in terms of drape or the size of the print is a bit strange for clothing too.  So in a completely unsurprizing turn of events, I've started to destash my quilting fabrics by making quilts - strange, no?

I'm rather pleased with my straight line sewing in this instance (I have high asprirations! But seriously most of those squares lined up at the corners - Woohoo!  That's a win in my book)

The Dr Suess fabric was purchased when a quilting shop in marsden village went out of business. So it's been sitting around for a while.

I hand tied the quilt to sew it to the backing with white wool. The backing (and batting) is orange fleece I bought for outdoor blankets at our wedding. Yes, I've stock piled those too!

Bound in white with some left over scraps for interest. I purchased the white and yellow to finish the project. Gave the quilt with a Dr Suess book to a friends daughter for her first birthday. A nice snuggly reading blanket. 

The hand tying took longer than expected so I switched to machine quilting for the next two! 


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