New machinery

I am now the far too proud owner of a Janome dc6030. Love, love, love it. (I've been the proud owner for over a month but it took ages to post the photos!)

Look at that beauty!  You're in for the unboxing... (they open the container in the store to fill in the warantee info).

I bought it at Wellington sewing services. Very generous peeps. Paid for the machine and a walking foot. Got a free invisible zipper foot and scissors. 

Can you see it?

Woohoo!  (Yes, the stopping every two seconds to take a photo did add to the excitement)

Look at all the lovely things :)

I still need to read the manual (some things never change). 

It's got a rather thrill sensation inducing list of stitch options. 

So why this wonderful beast? It's got an automatic one step button hole. The brand has great reviews and this particular model seems to do everything I need at a sensible price. It's a fabric hoarders darling - there's three of us (x and x). Which came in very handy indeed when I took it to our meet up and was buttonholing without the manual ;)


  1. This is exactly the same as mine :-) which I only got Feb last year - it's soooo exciting getting a new machine. Unfortunately I had to take mine back to the shop this week because the needle threader wasn't working and the foot control was playing up - turns out it was faulty! But otherwise I LOVE this machine.


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