a low system

This last month has been a bit of a crappy one.  Our builders made a small job in to a much larger one and the end cost is over 450% the original 'estimate'.  We did add a little to the list of jobs (insulation in two walls and the discovery of a rotten window) but there's no way the cost should have been that much more.

Unfortunately it means our savings are shot through but thankfully we didn't have to go back to the bank and were able to pull it out of money put aside for other things (now on the long finger).  It was also crazy busy in work and thankfully a major part of that is finished.  I'm a bit run down but bouncing back and have been busy making (for my sanity) but haven't really photographed it or posted.  I'm hoping to work through a few photos I took this morning and post them over the next few days (start small!).  We've also had someone staying with us since December when my parents came to visit.  A friend of mine arrived a day after they left and has been staying with us until she gets on her feet.  She found a nice house last week and moves in next Saturday.  It was lovely to have her stay but I'm looking forward to having the place back to ourselves.

The flowers above were for BM's mother who came to stay with us a while ago.  They were so vibrant and fresh!


  1. Sometimes life throws some difficult periods at us; hope you are feeling better and glad that you are coming to the end of this crappy time, and enjoy your time on your own again.

    1. thanks - I'm hoping its on an upward spiral for a while


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