card creations

A few more makes.  The card above uses rubons and an old card.

The picture was from an old card.  But I like my version better!

This was a card fix.  I gave this to my mother but it got ripped a little bit.  I do like how the cream on cream works.

I really am working my way through my supplies.  The image is from an old calendar.  

I recycled our moving in cards for last year and started making some refurbished ones.

This was a refurbished one too with some extra embellishments.  I bought a book of sentiments a few years ago and am trying to include them in my cards - words don't come naturally!

This embellishment has been on at least two other cards - but they went to family so get bounced back once they've been used!

Hah!  I realised that I had pencil markings on this when I saw the pictures and had to fix it!  The strippy tape is some new washi tape I just had to buy (too cheap to say no!).

I ended up changing this card - I'm so glad I added the extra embellishment.  

I have this card in mind for someone!  I love the graphic of the old jeep.


A special make for someone in particular!
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