a birthday card

I'm in Kaikoura on the South Island for a week for work and have the great pleasure of sitting listening to the waves crash onto the shore and a light, slightly chilly but invigorating breeze flowing gently around me.  Unfortunately I still have work to do - but this definitely one of the best places to do it in!  I'd thought I'd take a little break to work through a few more of my photos from the last few months and record them. 

The card above is one for a friend of mine and BM's and I'm really looking forward to giving it to him.  He's into airsoft so I think he'll enjoy the camo inspired card.  I really love the penknife!  Not much making on this one though as the four embellishments are purchased stickers, though I did rescue the outline from the recycle bin from a recent purchase by BM.


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