For sandwiches

A small gift from Girona for a friend - chalkboard notices.  To which another friend replied - 'Oh I know what they are... They're for sandwiches'.  They must be some sandwiches! :) 

I love the idea of these in a garden with tippex (or twink as its called in NZ) revealing the planted loveliness... rosemary, thyme, and why not potatoes?


  1. The notices are cool. Those flowers remind me of hydrangea. Lovely!

  2. I love these little notices - what a good idea to use tippex (twink is much nicer!)so you can put them outside.x

  3. Really love the sandwich picture!! of course I knew they were so not for sandwiches but the less learned amongst us didn't but what can you expect??????
    xx AnnT


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