the making of a flag

My mother was a little horrified that I was making a union jack - but BM needed a new cushion and I had scraps to make this.  The 'white' (read white with blue stripes and flowers) was an old shirt with some stains elsewhere.  The 'blue' was from a sheet ala the Salvation Army op shop.  The 'red' is a yard of fabric I bought ages ago in Spotlight.  I even had the zipper already (from the Salvation Army too).

Measuring out the pieces and testing if a white 'white' would look ok.  The cushion underneath was BM's old one for the TV room and was getting very ragged around the edges.  I really like how this turned out. Unfortunately I messed up on the sizing and had to make a new cushion inset for it too as I ended up smaller on one dimension than the old one to get all the sections to line up.  Of course in the end the cushion didn't end up in the TV room at all.  We moved the current cushions from the living room in there and this is now in the living room where one of our cats was kind enough to model it!


  1. Looks lovely, I love the blue and red of the union jack but dare I wear it here in Ireland, as it don't think it would go down very well needless to say. Weather is amazing here in Ireland- so beautiful if only we had this weather all the time. I got to work from home today which was nice for a change. Hope all is well with you.

    All things nice...


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