The apron reveal

I finished my apron for the apron swap.  Thankfully - May was a much busier month than I was expecting (and I had quite low expectations!).

I was really lucky to be paired with the amazingly talented Off the Peg.  Which had the dual effect of making me VERY excited about receiving some thing from this very creative lady and nervous that I wouldn't produce something to her high standards!  I still seem to suffer from the - if I made it, its not as good as something you would buy so then I have to add extras to it!

I used a vintage sheet and added a pink and white doily to the corner. I really enjoyed making this - but then as per usual started to think that it was too basic to swap. So I added a few extra items to the parcel. Thankfully as it turned out - as Off the Peg's apron was stunning (I even waited to send mine before I opened the parcel - that was a serious feat of patience!) And before my mother says it - I did iron the apron before packaging but forgot to photograph it!

I really like using up some of the extra scrap and created a quick lavendar sachet as well - which obviously couldn't get separated and had to go into the parcel too!

The pattern was from simple gifts to stitch (a la the local library - thanks, very much!)

They made the original apron in Seersucker.  I think I prefer the colours of my one!

So here it all is - ready to go and ironed and everything (hah, you didn't believe me, did you??)

Just waiting on the address and then winging its way to Australia!

I really enjoyed being part of the swap - I'll post the photographs of my wonderful Peg apron tomorrow - we had a clear day yesterday and I took advantage of it to do the washing as well as photograph taking.  Luckily - as its back to wet, wet, and overcast today!


  1. Thank you so much for my pretty apron. I really enjoyed taking part in the swap.

  2. So pleased you ironed it!! It looks great wrapped up and ready for posting. Love the Off The Peg apron. Great swap.


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