Hello Crafty World

I decided it was high time to lay my crafty endeavours open to the crafty world. I'm always interested in feedback on how you, the craft loving, making, doing community, could improve what I've done!

It seems I've heaps of projects on the go at the moment and it would be good to chart their progress. Could be useful when I think I can knit a scarf in a weekend to find out just how long it took me the last time. I'm knitting, sewing, card making and cross stitching at the moment and I'm definitely more of a pro in some than others. I also just stumbled across a reference to 50 things to make in 2007 and I seriously have to see if I can manage it (I'm going to include the things I've already made this year).

I've a long list of things I want to make when the current lot is finished. When I'm finished my current knitting scarf project, I'm starting on crochet which I haven't tried since I was in primary school - should be interesting if nothing else.



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