Dino Sparkles

I spent a little too much time shopping online since the arrival of the LP into my life.  On the plus side, I've discovered far flung corners of the internet.  I bought two iron on patches online during one late night foraging session.  I had a few plain white and cream tees for LP and wanted to jazz them up a bit. 

Rather pleased with how this tee and patch turned out.  I can't seem to find the second patch (my sewing supplies are distributed between three rooms at the moment and its beyond this mere mortal to keep track despite my best efforts). 

I ordered them from Ali Express and they took the normal 5 weeks or so to arrive for stupidly cheap.  I ironed on the patch and then sewed around the outside.  The second patch was missing its iron on backing so I'm not chomping at the bit to find a means of sticking it on before I sew it.  Haven't washed it yet so don't know the durability.  The tee is 12-18 months so not sure if I should just add it to the present box or try it out on LP.


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