winter solstice

It was a while ago now but I only just managed to download my photographs.  I celebrated the winter solstice on a trip.  I find the winters in New Zealand especially long without something in the middle to celebrate (like Christmas).  So the solstice was an obvious step.

I hadn't planned on making a very big deal of it but I did want to mark it in some way.  To think about the future, say goodbye to the past and acknowledge the present.  I lit three candles and also bought three stones (I suppose the correct term is crystals), just the ones that I liked when I was browsing.  As it turned out three of my co-trippers were around when we had our celebration and I gifted one to each of them.  I love the coincidence of it :)  The stones I bought were Opalite, Mt St Helen Obsidian and Malachite.

One of my co-trippers also read our tarot (this one is mine).  It was a such a lovely, chilled and reflective evening.  I hope this starts a tradition I'll stick to!
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