far too much purchasing

Items from my recent trip to New Plymouth - it got a bit embarrassing after a while - I think I entered Gollum mode!  Stroking yarn in random wool shops...

Above: cute kiwi magnets
Below: lots and lots and lots of white and yellow cotton yarn

Two antique frames - I plan on either making these into mirrors for our guest bathroom or into a corkboard jewellery holder for our bedroom.

Antique handkerchiefs - some beautiful designs.  

And glorious, bright, cheerful wool from the Wool company.  These colours are edible...  Raspberry and a mix of purple, blue, green and pink.  This would be why I've been broke over the last few weeks :)

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  1. Lovely yarn purchases...you can't have too much of that! The frames look very interesting too. Enjoy your week.
    Helen x


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