I had the pleasure of visiting Girona in July for a two week workshop.  And I've finally got my pictures sorted.  So allow me to guide you around the various delights of Girona.  Starting with the pastel colours of the building overlooking the main waterway which threads its way through the old quarters of the city.  Girona is a pretty location and really close to one of Ryanair's 'Barcelona' airports (though its a far distance from Barcelona).  The airport also accesses the Spanish coast and most tourists don't really stop off in Girona.  Though its well worth a day or two.  Magnificent buildings, ice cream shops on almost every corner and sun!

I would recommend walking the city walls - the views were great and its always interesting to note how different it is from Ireland.  In many ways New Zealand is a lot more similar to Ireland than the much quicker trip to Spain.  I especially loved the aloe vera plants growing wild and while I wasn't too fond of the flower market noisy set up (I stayed just off Las Ramblas and could clearly here the dragging and pulling), I loved the brilliance of the flowers.  Just a pity I couldn't take them home.


  1. I love these photographs - it looks such an interesting place and I always enjoy seeing buildings painted in pretty colours. Thanks for sharing them.
    Helen x

  2. Ahh Spain. So lovely! You lucky thing

  3. Thanks! Girona was pretty special.


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