Moving on UP in the World Sweet World

I went to see UP last night with BM.   Very very cute!  Go see the trailer if you don't believe me :)

 (image via
I loved the colours of the balloons and the house was super cute.  Actually I'd live in it in heartbeat!  It reminds me of the houses in Wellington.  I still think that a strong wind should be able to move one of the wooden houses in Wellington so a balloon powered house wasn't that much of a stretch for me. I'm convinced they've made them out of cardboard, No. 8 wire (a kiwi speciality) and some duct tape.  They're still fantastically cute though!  I want my next blanket (yup, still not finished the first one) to be these colours or at least something really bright.

I also stumbled onto a copy of world sweet world - a locally produced zine.  Its got some interesting stuff in there about building your own bicycle and information about a stitch and bitch in a local pub.  I might head along there next week as my sewing classes haven't started back up again and I'm going to have to start talking to someone about my sewing/crocheting/etc. The zine even has balloons on the cover!


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